Margin Loans

If you are in the market for a Margin Loan, consider opening a margin account with Trading Direct to take advantage of very competitive interest rates. (Please visit the homepage for the current interest rate table.)

Below are 3 common reasons why investors use margin with stock, bond, or mutual fund investments...

Leverage Returns:

Investors may look to use leverage to attempt to increase capital gain or income returns on investments. 

Financing a Large Purchase:

For some investors, rather than liquidate portfolio holdings, it may make sense to take advantage of low margin interest rates to fund the large purchase of a home or car, using brokerage account assets as collateral for the loan.

Financing Everyday Purchases:

In conjunction with the Cash Plus Account, clients may use check writing or a debit card for every day purchases.  If there is no cash in the brokerage account, the amount of transaction purchase will increase the margin loan balance.


Disclaimer: Use of margin entails risk.  Leverage can also magnify losses. In order to open a margin account, please read and submit a Margin Agreement and Disclosure Statement.

Trading Direct, a division of York Securities Inc, is a discount broker who does not make any recommendations.  All orders are unsolicited.
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