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At Trading Direct, we offer a full list of products & services that allow you the freedom and convenience to make the most of your investments. 


 With one account, you have the ability to trade all of the following...

Common stocks

• Preferred Stocks and Preferred Like Securities

• Exchange Traded Funds and Notes (ETFs and ETNs)

Mutual Funds: Over 500 families to choose from.  Over 5000 individual funds with out transaction fees, including institutional class funds, which may be purchased by individuals, often with reduced minimums.

Bonds*: US Goverment Direct Obligations (Bills, Notes, Bonds), US Government Agency Debt, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds

Options: Trade Monthly or Weekly Options. Buy Calls and Puts to Open. Write Covered Calls. Sell Puts to Open. Enter Spread Orders* 

* Bond orders and spread option orders must be placed via telephone.

See Pricing Page for more details.


Our clients enjoy the following features...

  • Low Margin Interest Rates, up to 3/4% below the Broker Call Rate.
  • Free Electronic Funds Transfers (ACH).
  • Free Paperless Statements and Confirms.
  • Online Tax-Lot Accounting. Corestone accounts with check writing, debit card, and bill pay (see Document Center for details)
  • Electronically import 1099 captal gain and dividend data directly into tax software.
  • Prompt answers to customer service inquiries via email or telephone.

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