Trading Direct

International Investors

Note: Before proceeding with steps 1 through 5, please see table of restricted countries at the bottom of this page.

Step 1.
Complete an individual new account application.

Step 2.
    A) Complete the IRS tax form, W-8BEN.

    B) Photocopy one of the following documents which clearly displays your name, address, photograph, and nationality: • Passport or Visa • National Identity Card • Drivers License • Other government-issued identification card

    C) Photocopy a Utility Bill (gas, electric, telephone, etc).

Step 3.(Optional)
To transfer an existing account that contains $US dollars or securities that trade in the USA, complete the Account Transfer Form.

Step 4.
Mail the above documents to:
New York NY 10038

Upon receipt of documents, we will notify you by e-mail that account has been opened and assigned an account number. Then, a username and password may be created by clicking on "Register Now" from the Login screen.

Step 5.
Deposit funds to your account by wire transfer or check. Payment for trades can be accepted in U.S. funds only. Cleared funds must reside in your account prior to placing trades. For detailed information on how to deposit funds, click here.

Please note that English is the only language spoken here. For more information on any and all aspects of your account see our Help Desk or Contact Page.

NOTE: Due to governmental restrictions, residents of the following countries are not eligible to open accounts at this time:

• Afghanistan • Albania • Algeria • Angola • Antigua & Barbuda • Argentina • Balkans • Bangladesh • Belarus • Bolivia • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Brunei Darussalam • Cambodia • Canada • Cent. African Rep. • Congo • Cuba • Ecuador • Ethiopia • Ghana • Guyana • Indonesia • Iran • Iraq • Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) • Kenya • Kuwait • Kyrgyzstan • Lao PDR • Lebanon • Liberia • Libya • Luxembourg • Mongolia • Montenegro • Morocco • Myanmar (Burma) • Namibia • Nepal • Nicaragua • North Korea • Pakistan • Panama • Papua New Guinea • Philippines • São Tomé & Príncipe • Serbia • Sierra Leone • Singapore • Somalia • Sri Lanka • Sudan • Syria • Tajikistan • Tanzania • The Balkans: Kosovo & Macedonia • Uganda • Ukraine • Vanuatu • Venezuela • Vietnam • Yemen • Zimbabwe

Above list is thought to be accurate as of 2016, but is subject to change.