Margin Rates Comparison

Our low margin rates can mean major savings for you.

Have a look below to see how we compare.

Margin rates comparison for various debit balance amounts, among selected online brokers:

                            Loan amounts & rates →
Firm   $100k $250k $500k  $1 mill 
Trading Direct  8.500%  7.625%  7.000%  6.750%
Etrade 12.700% 12.200% N/A N/A
Schwab 12.075% 11.825% N/A N/A
Ameritrade 13.000% 12.750% N/A N/A
Fidelity 12.075% 11.825% 9.500% 9.250%

Note: Data acquired from respective company websites.  Data accurate as of August 3rd 2023, and is subject to change.

For Trading Direct's complete margin interest rate schedule, please see Interest Rates.

Disclaimer: Use of margin entails risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. An approved margin agreement must be on file in order to borrow. Trading Direct, a division of York Securities Inc, is a discount broker who does not make recommendations. All orders are unsolicited.