• Online: $10.95 per executed equity order, flat rate, regardless of order type.
  • Telephone: $19.95 per executed equity order, flat rate, regardless of order type.

Pre and Post-Market eligible stock trades: $19.95 per executed equity order. (These orders must be placed via phone.)
Foreign Settlement OTC Stocks (Predominantly indicated by a 5-letter symbol ending in “F”): $49 added to the normal commission.

Important notes:
FINRA's Trading Activity Fee (the brokerage industry regulator's tax upon securities sale transactions) is $.000166 per share, up to $8.30 per trade (effective 01/01/2024).  This fee shall be passed along for executed sales of 10,000 shares and over. Under 10,000 shares, Trading Direct absorbs this fee for it's clients. 
Maximum share quantity per online order: 1,000,0000. Maximum dollar value per order: $2,000,0000.


  • Online: $9.95 plus $1.00 per contract per executed option order.
  • Telephone: Add $10 for broker assisted option trades.
  • Option Assignment: $10.95.
  • Manual Option Exercise: $25 (Choosing to exercise a long option position prior to expiration. This charge is in addition to the $10.95 commission for the actual purchase or sale of the underlying stock.)

Options industry regulatory bodies and exchanges charge fees for executing orders. Unlike some other broker's, these fees are NOT passed along to our clients:
• FINRA's Trading Activity Fee (the regulatory agency's tax upon securities transactions) is absorbed by Trading Direct on behalf of it's clients.
• The Options Regulatory Fee (an aggregate of the fees charged by various options exchanges and Options Clearing Corp for executing options transactions) is absorbed by Trading Direct on behalf of it's clients.


  • $.75 per bond (subject $35 minimum per trade).

Treasury and Corporate bonds may be bought or sold. Trading Direct does NOT mark up or down the price of a bond. Trading Direct acts as agent (not as principal).

Mutual Funds

    • No-Load Funds: $21.95 commission to buy or sell.
    • Load Funds: Subject to a front-end or back-end load, determined by the prospectus.

Why maintain multiple accounts with various mutual fund companies, when you can conveniently manage all your mutual fund investments from just one account?

Hundreds of families to choose from.  Thousands of funds available. View/search the full list in:
       Adobe PDF format or an Excel Spreadsheet, or Contact us for fund availability.

Note: Minimum dollar amount per transaction is $500 (unless the specific fund has a higher overriding minimum), excluding full liquidations.


• Any unexecuted portion of a GTC order will be treated as a new order for the following trading session. 
• Maximum share quantity per order: 1,000,0000. Maximum dollar value per order: $2,000,0000.
• Sale transactions will include the industry-wide Security Transaction Fee at the rate of $27.80 per $U.S. million. (Fee is in accordance with Section 31 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Rate effective 05/22/2024).

Options carry a level of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Certain requirements must be met to trade options through York Securities. Before considering any transaction, please read the disclosure document/booklet called the Characteristics & Risks of Standardized Options. Contact us for a copy of this document.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a mutual fund carefully before investing. To check this or any other information about a specific mutual fund, please request a prospectus from the fund company or Trading Direct, to read thoroughly before entering an order.