Ancillary Fees

Service Details
Account Transfer Out- ACAT $95.00 per full or partial account transferred to another financial institution via the ACAT system.
DRS/DTC Transfer Out $30.00 per position transferred to another financial institution. Applies to transfers via the DRS or DTC system.
DRS Transfer In $20.00 per stock, for transfer of account registration from transfer agent.
DTC Transfer In $5.00 per security, to transfer from another firm via the DTC system.
Overnight Check $40.00 per mailing, via overnight courier, for $USD check withdrawals ($100 outside USA).
Security Transfer Failure $20.00 per failed request, for security transfer requests which are initiated but unable to be completed.
Trust Dissolution $200 per occurrence. Potential fee to distribute trust account assets to a successor trustee or beneficiary. Contact us for details.
Wire Transfer $30.00 per $USD transfer of funds to another financial institution in the USA via Federal Wire System ($100 outside the USA, via International SWIFT wire).
Service Details
IRA Termination $95.00 per IRA for the closing or full transfer of a retirement plan account.
IRA Maintenance* $55.00 per IRA. Charged upon yearly anniversary of account opening.
*Refunded to existing customers whose IRA generated over $50 in commissions, or maintained an average cash balance over $30,000 during the past year. Fee is applicable and non-refundable to IRAs terminated in between anniversary dates.
Service Details
Trade Confirmation* $1.00 per postal mailing *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Monthly Statement* $2.25 per postal mailing *(Waived for electronic delivery).
1099* $3.00 per postal mailing of the year-end 1099 tax statment. *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Prospectus/ Annual Report/ Proxy* Up to $7.50 per postal mailing with in USA (depending on postage), for paper prospectus, annual report or proxies.  Up to  $30 outside USA (depending on postage). *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Duplicate copy of Statement $5.00 per duplicate monthly statement from 2002 and later. Prior to 2002 is $10.
Returned Mail $5.00 per mail piece of non-deliverable postal mail returned by USPS. 
Certificate Deposit $10 per physical paper certificate deposit + pass-through costs from Transfer Agent (historically $30-$55). Contact us prior to submitting.
  Foreign Stock/Option...
Service Details
Foreign Receive & Deliver $75 to receive/deliver an OTC Foreign stock (5-letter symbol ending in F) from/to another broker.
Reg.S GDR/ADR Foreign Custody $.02-.05 per share, potential annual fee from transfer agent to record date Regulation S Global Depository Receipt (GDR/ADR) holders.
Reg.S GDR/ADR Foreign Processing Typically $.01-.03 per share charge, from transfer agent, for a dividend or distribution, to record date Reg. S Global Depository Receipt (GDR/ADR) holders.
Non-DTC Foreign Custody $4 per month, per foreign position. Transfer agent charge to hold foreign, non-DTC eligible stock. (5-letter symbol ending in F.)
French/Italian GDR/ADR Tax 0.3% of principal, for French Government tax of French company ADR or option contract purchases. 0.22% of principal, for Italian Government tax of Italian company ADR or option contract purchases.
Service Details
Margin House Call $10.00 charge for margin accounts the fall below the minimum equity requirement.
Regulation-T Extension $25 to file extension for clients failing to pay for purchase by settlement date.
Safe Keeping of Certificate $2.00 per certificate, per month, to hold a non-negotiable paper stock certificate at clearing agent, until negotiable.
Bond Redemption $10.00 per event. Assessed when bonds mature or are called for redemption.
Mandatory Reorganization $15.00 per security issue. Reorganizations whereby an owner must participate, such as mergers, spin-offs, splits, etc.
Voluntary Reorganization $35.00 per security issue. Reorganizations whereby an owner elects to participate, such as tender offers, Dutch auctions, etc.  Please note, while most issuers send notifications about pending reorganizations on a timely basis (whether electonically or postal mail), some may not.  Trading Direct is not responsible for any missed, late, or non-notifications.
Stop Payment of Check $30.00 to place a "stop payment" on a check written off your brokerage account balance.
Returned Checks/ACH $40.00 for a check or ACH deposit returned/rejected for insufficient or uncollected funds, etc.
Post Settlement Trade Correction $15.00 is added to commission amount, to modify an executed trade after settlement date (where possible).
Transfer on Death change $60 to open a TOD Account, convert an individual or joint account to 'Transfer on Death' status, or to add/remove beneficiaries from a TOD account.
UBTI Tax Return Processing $200 to file IRS form 990-T. Applicable only to retirement accounts with partnership securities generating at least $1000 of unrelated business taxable income.
1099 B-Notice- Name ID Match Failure $100. An IRS B-Notice is an annual IRS notification to payers, when the recipients social security number which was provided, does not match IRS records.
Sub-Penny Stock Positions over 1 million shares $1, per 1 million shares, per month, to hold stocks valued under 1 cent per share.
Worthless Security Removal $20 per removal of security with little or no value.
Short Sale Interest  Varies per short position. Also known as "stock borrow fee". See Interest Rates page for details.
Cash Account Debit Interest Interest may be charged on a debit balance in a cash account, post-settlement date. See Interest Rates page for details.
Inactive Accounts $60.00 per account, charged annually, to inactive accounts for the one-year period ending Dec 31st. (Details below)


Inactive Account Fee Details:
An inactive account would meet the following criteria:
• The account has had no settled trades (subject to a commission or load charge), from January 1 through Dec 31.
• The account had margin (debit) and/or credit (cash balance) interest of less than $100 during the calendar year.

The following accounts are exempt from inactive account fees:
• Accounts executing one trade subject to a commission or load charge, that settles during the calendar year, exclusive of dividend reinvestment trades.
• Accounts that generated at least $100 of either margin (debit) or cash (credit) interest during the calendar year.
• Accounts classified as Corestone Gold or Platinum level.
• Individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and other qualified retirement plan accounts for which our clearing agent acts as custodian.
• Accounts that maintain a FundVest mutual fund position value of at least $100,000 during the calendar year.
• Accounts that maintain a net cash credit balance of at least $15,000 during the calendar year.


Cash Plus Account (Optional Banking Features: Check Writing, Debit Card) Pricing:

$60 annual fee.*   (*Waived for accounts with an average credit balance exceeding $25,000 or an average debit balance exceeding $25,000).

Note: The Cash Plus Account is the replacement the Corestone Account starting in July 2019. 

Low Priced Security Good Faith Deposit: 

For accounts owning stocks with insignificant value, a good faith deposit (GFD) of $60 is required, plus $20 for additional insignificant value positions. (i.e. own 3 stocks with insignificant value, GFD=$120). This is not a fee charged up front. Rather, it is money set aside in an account, which could be used to pay a future commission charge.