Ancillary Fees

Service Details
Account Transfer Out- ACAT $95.00 per full or partial account transferred to another financial institution via the ACAT system.
DRS Transfer Out $75.00 per stock, for transfer of account registration to transfer agent.
DTC Transfer Out $30.00 per position transferred to another financial institution.
Overnight Check $40.00 per mailing, via overnight courier, for $USD check withdrawals ($100 outside USA).
Security Transfer Failure $20.00 per failed request, for security transfer requests which are initiated but unable to be completed.
Trust/Estate Dissolution $100. Potential fee to distribute or withdraw securities or cash from a trust or estate account. Contact us for details.
Wire Transfer $30.00 per $USD transfer of funds to another financial institution in the USA via Federal Wire System ($75 outside the USA, via International SWIFT wire).
Service Details
IRA Termination $95.00 per IRA for the closing or full transfer of a retirement plan account.
IRA Maintenance* $55.00 per IRA per calendar year. Charged yearly, on or about Nov 29th.
*Refunded to existing customers whose IRA generated over $50 in commissions, or maintained an average cash balance over $20,000 during the calendar year. Fee is applicable and non-refundable to IRAs terminations.
Service Details
Trade Confirmation* $1.50 per trade for postal mailings within USA. $2.50 outside USA.   *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Monthly Statement* $2.25 per postal mailing within USA. $4.25 outside USA.   *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Year End Tax Statements* $3.00 per Form 1099 for domestic tax payers. $3 per Form 5498 for those who contributed to an IRA. $4.25 per Form 1042s for Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding.  *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Prospectus* $2.50 plus applicable postage.   *(Waived for electronic delivery).
Duplicate copy of Statement $5.00 per duplicate monthly statement from July 2013 and later. Prior to July 2013 is $10, and on a best efforts basis.
Stock Certificate Deposit $10 per physical paper certificate deposit + pass-through costs from Transfer Agent (historically $30-$55). Contact us prior to submitting.
Returned Mail Administration $3 per piece of returned mail (i.e. monthly statment) with in USA, due to an invalid postal mailing address. $5 outside of USA.
  Foreign Stock/Option/Currency...
Service Details
Foreign Receive & Deliver $75 to receive/deliver an OTC Foreign stock (5-letter symbol ending in F) from/to another broker.
Reg.S GDR/ADR Foreign Custody $.02-.05 per share, potential annual fee from transfer agent for record date Regulation S Global Depository Receipt (GDR/ADR) holders.
Reg.S GDR/ADR Foreign Processing Typically $.01-.03 per share charge, from transfer agent, for a dividend or distribution, with record date Reg. S Global Depository Receipt (GDR/ADR) holders.
Non-DTC Foreign Custody $4 per month, per foreign position. Transfer agent holding charge for foreign, non-DTC eligible stock. (5-letter symbol ending in F.)
French/Italian GDR/ADR Tax 0.3% of principal, for French Government tax of French company ADR or option contract purchases. 0.22% of principal, for Italian Government tax of Italian company ADR or option contract purchases.
Currency Conversion $50 per foreign currency conversion to $USD.
Service Details
Regulation-T Extension $25 to file extension for clients failing to pay for purchase by settlement date.
Safe Keeping of Certificate $2.00 per certificate, per month, to hold a non-negotiable paper stock certificate at clearing agent, until negotiable.
Mandatory Reorganization $15.00 per security issue. Reorganizations whereby an owner must participate, such as mergers, spin-offs, splits, etc.
Voluntary Reorganization $35.00 per security issue. Reorganizations whereby an owner elects to participate, such as tender offers, Dutch auctions, etc.  Please note, while most issuers send notifications about pending reorganizations on a timely basis (whether electonically or postal mail), some may not.  Trading Direct is not responsible for any missed, late, or non-notifications.
Stop Payment of Check $30.00 to place a "stop payment" on a check written off your brokerage account balance.
Returned Checks/ACH $40.00 for a check or ACH deposit returned/rejected for insufficient or uncollected funds, etc.
Post Settle Trade Correction $15.00 is added to commission amount, to modify an executed trade after settlement date (where possible).
Transfer on Death change $60 to open a TOD Account, convert an individual or joint account to 'Transfer on Death' status, add/remove beneficiaries, or otherwise modify a TOD registration.
W-8BEN Validation $60 to validate a newly submitted (udpated) W-8BEN*. Fee applicable to those residing outside the USA.
UBTI Tax Return Processing $200 to file IRS form 990-T. Applicable only to retirement accounts with partnership securities generating at least $1000 of unrelated business taxable income.
W-9 IRS Tax Payer ID Mismatch $10. When an account holder's name and social security number which was provided on the new account application or W-9, does not match IRS records.
1099 IRS B-Notice- Name SSN Failure $100. An IRS B-Notice is an annual IRS notification to payers, when the recipients social security number which was provided, does not match IRS records.
Sub-Penny Stock Positions over 1 million shares $1, per 1 million shares, per month, to hold stocks valued under 1 cent per share.
Non-marketable Security Removal $10.95 per removal of security with little or no value.
Short Sale Interest/Locate  Varies per short position. Also known as a Stock Loan Fee (STK LN FEE). See Interest Rates page for details.
Cash Account Debit Interest Interest may be charged on a debit balance in a cash account, post-settlement date. See Interest Rates page for details.
Inactive Accounts $60.00 per account, charged annually, to inactive accounts for the one-year period ending July 15th 2021. (Details below)


Inactive Account Fee Details:
An inactive account would meet the following criteria:
• The account had no settled trades (subject to a commission or load charge) during the one-year period ending July 15th 2021.
• The account had margin (debit) and/or credit (cash balance) interest of less than $100 for the one-year period ending July 15th 2021.

The following accounts are exempt from inactive account fees:
• Accounts executing one trade subject to a commission or load charge, that settles during the one-year period ending July 15th 2021, exclusive of dividend reinvestment trades.
• Accounts that generated at least $100 of either margin (debit) or cash (credit) interest for the one-year period ending July 15th 2021.
• Individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and other qualified retirement plan accounts for which our clearing agent acts as custodian.
• Accounts that maintain a net cash credit balance of at least $15,000 during the one-year period ending July 15th 2021.
• New Accounts opened during the one-year period ending July 15th 2021.

Cash Plus Account (Optional Banking Features: Check Writing, Debit Card) Pricing:

$60 annul fee charged at inception and upon annual anniversary*.    (*Waived for accounts with an average credit balance exceeding $50,000 or an average debit balance exceeding $50,000).

Low Priced Security Good Faith Deposit: 

For accounts owning stocks with insignificant value, a good faith deposit (GFD) of $60 is required, plus $20 for additional insignificant value positions. (i.e. own 3 stocks with insignificant value, GFD=$120). This is not a fee charged up front. Rather, it is money set aside in an account, which could be used to pay a future commission charge.