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Trading Direct Client Site Tour: Trading

After selecting "Trading", make a further selection for either New Order or Order Status.  Illutstrations below...

Location: Stocks & ETFs

Use the 'Stocks & ETFS' screen to enter equity orders for common stocks, preferred stocks, and ETFs.


Location: Mutual Funds

Use the Mutual Funds screen to input your open-end mutual fund (5-letter symbol ending in "X") orders.


Location: Options

Use the Options screen to either:
• Buy puts and calls to open (and subsequently sell puts and calls to close)
• Sell covered calls to open (and subsequently buy covered calls to close)
• Sell uncovered put to open (and subsequently buy uncovered puts to close)


Location: Order Status

Use the Order Status screen to check the status or attempt to edit or cancel an order. This screen may be sorted by the various column headings, and filtered by trade status or symbol.


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