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Trading Direct Client Site Tour: Portfolio

After selecting "Portfolio" in the top-navigation menu, you may then choose to view either Balances, Holdings, History, Etc in the sub-navigation menu.  Illustrations below... 

Location: Balances

From the Balance screen, view the credit or debit balance, along with the current market value of positions held, and the net equity, either in a single account, or the aggregate of all linked accounts.

Margin account holders may also view the margin buyer power, day-trade buying power, withdrawable funds, and any funds due figures in the "Key Values" section on the left-hand side of the screen.


Location: Holdings

From the Holdings screen, view the current holdings for a single account, or an aggregate of all accounts linked.

Demo Holdings

Location: History

From the History screen, view all, or a specific type of entry in a single account or group of linked accounts. This screen may also be filtered by time period and symbol.

Demo History

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