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You know which stock you want to buy, sell, or hold.  Unless you are making at least a few hundred trades per year, commission amounts between brokers that vary by a few dollars will likely not have a material effect on your annual return. 

If you are using leverage to finance your stock portfolio, your interest rate is your most significant cost factor.

• See how Trading Direct stacks up against other online brokers below:

Margin rates comparison for various debit balance amounts among selected online brokers:

Firm    Loan amounts with associated rates
         $10k    $25k    $50k    $100k   $250k   $500k  $1 million
Trading  4.75%   4.75%   4.00%   3.25%   2.75%   2.25%     2.00%
Etrade   9.25%   9.00%   8.50%   8.00%   7.50%   7.00%     6.00%
Schwab   8.50%   8.00%   7.00%   6.875%  6.75%   6.75%     6.25%
Ameri-   9.00%   8.75%   7.75%   7.50%   7.25%   7.25%     6.50%
Fidelity 8.325%  7.825%  6.875%  6.575%  6.575%  4.00%     4.00%

Note: Data acquired from respective company websites or telephone inquiry on March 21st 2017, and is subject to change.

Disclaimer:  Trading Direct is a discount broker who does not provide investment advice. All orders are unsolicited.  Use of margin entails risk, and is not suitable for all investors.  Clients may make or lose money with investments. Obtain and review a Margin Agreement & Disclosure Statement from the Document Center, or contact us with any questions.