Easy to Use Online Broker

You do not care about the flashing lights, and myriad of other choices other brokers have on their complex, time-consuming, and complicated order entry screen.  

You just want to quickly buy or sell your stock on a straight-forward, easy to use order entry screen, then go about the rest of your day.  

At Trading Direct, you do not have to be a technical guru to enter your orders online.  

Take a look at our order entry screen below.  In this ficticious example, the user is buying 100 shares of ABCD (American Biodrug Corp) at the market.

Fields:    1. Transaction Type: Buy       2. Symbol: ABCD       3. Quantity: 100       4. Order Type: Market       5. Duration: Day (always select "Day" for market orders)        6. Account Type: Cash

Easy to Use Market Order
As you can see in the above screen shot, the user makes the appropriate field selections, gets a real-time quote, and clicks on "Review".  On the following screen, the user has a chance to review, and then submit the order with only one more click.  It is that easy.

Prefer to place a limit order instead, or would like the duration to be "Good Until Cancelled"? No problem; just make the appropriate drop-down box selections as shown below...

Easy to Use Limit Order

Still not comfortable, or don't feel like placing your order online? No problem; just pick up the phone to call us at 800-925-8566.  Our experienced and patient brokers and customer service reps are always here to assist. The flat rate telephone commission rate for domestic stocks is just $19.95.