Trading Direct

Mutual Funds

• Mutual fund offerings are separated into three (3) categories: 

1. Load Funds:
There is a front-end or back-end load, determined by the prospectus.

2. No-Load Funds:
There is a $21.95 commission to buy or sell.

3. FundVest ® No-Transaction-Fee Funds:
There is no commission or fee charged by Trading Direct, provided that shares are held at least six months, otherwise a $50 short-term redemption fee may apply. 

Over 14,000 open-end mutual funds available for purchase through Trading Direct, a division of York Securities, and are displayed in the list below:

Mutual Fund List in Adobe PDF format 

Mutual Fund List in an Excel Spreadsheet 

List current as of 04/21/17, and is subject to change. Individual investors may purchase institutional class mutual fund shares on this list, often with reduced minimum investment amounts.


Note: Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment company carefully before investing.  To check this or any other information about a specific mutual fund, please request a prospectus from the fund company or Trading Direct, to read thoroughly before entering an order. 

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