Trading Direct underwent a clearing agent conversion from Pershing LLC to Axos Clearing LLC on July 15th 2019.  Balances and positions in Trading Direct brokerage accounts are now custodied with Axos Clearing.

Axos Clearing, LLC Trading Direct Full Account Access: Login here
Above link opens a new browser tab to: https://tradingdirect.automatedfinancial.com. Login to this site to enter an order or check account information.
Should you have any difficulities with login, please contact us.
tradingdirect.automatedfinancial.com terms of use {pdf}.


Pershing (former clearing agent) Archived Account Records Access: Login here
Above link opens new browser tab to: https://www.netxinvestor.com. Where it asks for the "Financial Org Number", enter "QYK".
The last trading day through this site was July 10th 2019.  This site may be used to retrieve previous Electronic Documents (statements, confirms, 1099s) containing account data through July 2019.  Access will be available through Dec 31st 2020.